4.0 Industrial Consulting


The 4.0 Industrial Consulting of the IMA Schelling Group is a transparent and clearly structured Approach to supporting companies in planning their Investments for the three main fields:



Creation of concepts for planning future investment in factory equipment and software.
Analysis and comparison of elaborated concepts for preparing and securing the investment decision.


Analysis and optimization of existing production systems and processes.
The objective is to increase capacity and to optimize products.


Utilization of the most advanced tools for securing the investment decision and for developing / securing the production philosophies.


In the era of Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things), modern furniture production is characterized by the most different degrees of automation and industrialization.

The individual levels of these parameters have different advantages and disadvantages – not only with reference to the hardware – which need to be evaluated.

  • Which is the right degree of industrialization for me?
  • Should I run my machines in custom production or Batch production?
  • Which tasks do I have to face in order to achieve my objectives?
  • Which degree of industrialization has the best cost-benefit ratio under which conditions?
  • Which assistant systems could help me?
  • How do I manage the change?



By offering 4.0 Industrial Consulting services, we put the focus on your corporate development and offer you individual and tailor-made solutions.

  • Factory planning in all aspects as a service
  • Corporate development
  • Industrialisation at an appropriate level
  • Maximum independence in finding a solution
  • Innovative force
  • Support setting up the network of suppliers


Compared to conventional project planning, 4.0 Industrial Consulting explores different manufacturing methods and production philosophies to weigh them against each other taking into account both qualitative and quantitative aspects. This provides you with the optimal value adding concept for the entire process chain.

  • Definition and specification of demand
  • Material flow diagrams and determination of production capacities
  • Process analysis and process cost analysis
  • Development of variants and layout planning
  • Consideration of cost effectiveness
  • Creation of functional specifications

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