With a holistic platform, the IMA Schelling Group closes the data gap between the machine manufacturer and the customer

With ZIMBA, the new IoT and service platform of the IMA Schelling Group, customers achieve fundamental insight and get target-oriented recommendations for efficient operation of the production chain, tightly linked to the ISG Service organisation that detects failures and delays before they occur and proactively takes action. That means: full transparency, better planning possibilities and in particular calculable risk. The platform shall furthermore not only help stabilize and increase OEE and hence guarantee maximum customer benefit, but also take the service organisation of the IMA Schelling Group to a new dimension of customer partnership.



The platform uses standard technology and open source solutions. Due to its open interface and ultra flexible HMI, ZIMBA promises maximum customer benefit and simultaneously forms the basis for sustainable development of companies in a rapidly changing digital environment It is subject to constant evolution, permanently gaining more knowledge and hence contributing to continuous improvement for the mutual benefit of both the customer and the IMA Schelling products. This is true for new products as well as for existing workcells and machines working in a production environment.



In the future, ZIMBA will offer many more possibilities: Imagine your machine can learn on its own which fault reoccurs frequently and automatically identify possible sources of failure. Or it initiates a comprehensive analysis based on which you can order the required spare parts or wear parts well in advance – i.e., if everything goes well, before a breakdown causes unscheduled shutdown of the plant. ZIMBA allows you to maximize plant efficiency and optimize capacity. Keep your plant efficiency as high as possible and optimize production capacity. We will assist you in this process!

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One of the most beautiful mountains in the home region of Schelling is the Zimba: covered with snow in winter; green, grey and striking in summer. This natural beauty is the eponym of our new IIoT platform.

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