Poznań – a dynamic student city with tradition

22 minutes railway in north-west direction of the IMA Schelling site in Środa, you find the lively university city of Poznań – one of the most gorgeous and historically significant cities of Poland.

Over 90 000 inhabitants of Poznań's population – the city has a population of more than 500 000 – are students studying at the six public universities of the city. They feature prominently in the urban scene, culture and night life of the traditional metropolis, which owes its charm to the many buildings characteristic of the architecture in the Renaissance era. Especially the historic centre of Poznań around the lively marketplace, which was created in the 13th century already – is worth visiting. With its colourful town houses from various architectural periods, it draws a circle around the medieval town hall which today is a museum for city history with one particular attraction: every noon, at exactly twelve o'clock, two white goats emerge above the town hall clock hitting their horns together twelve times.

The last imperial residence built in Europe

Another historic highlight of Poznań is the residence palace of the emperor Wilhelm II which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. This neo-romanic castle was constructed based on the model of a medieval royal palace and was actually only used twice by the emperor. Today it houses a cultural centre and can be visited in the framework of guided tours. Also worth seeing: the Cathedral Island between two branches of the River Warta. 

Modern life

“Stary Browar” (old brewery) – a cultural centre and shopping mall with bars, restaurants and a hotel – is located directly in the city centre. The complex is a fascinating combination of modern architecture and industrial buildings of the 19th century so that, in 2005, it was awarded for being the best shopping centre in the world in the medium-sized commercial buildings category. And also those seeking recreation outdoors will find what they are looking for everywhere in Poznań: the city is surrounded by a ring of parks and green areas along the course of the former city walls, and there's a lot of nature also in the outskirts of the town.

Insider tip

Agata Wieland, IMA Schelling Polska

“A few miles east of the centre of Poznañ are the Antoninek woods with the river valley of Szklarska. Here, a path leads you through the treetops in the forest. It is 250 metres long and, at its highest point, 13 metres high. Promenading through the tree crowns is a perfect escape from everyday hassle.” 



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