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Digitalisation boost from pandemic

Corona has speeded up the company's digitalisation process and paved the way for new methods of cooperation.

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, home office work was the exception rather than the rule – but already on the first day of the lockdown, the IMA Schelling Group created the conditions for a large part of its employees to move into the home office. Video conferences, which have long been common practice at the international company, now turned out to be a particularly efficient tool for carrying out all types of meetings – with consistently positive results: the meetings were more effective and more target-oriented. Even the online factory acceptance test and commissioning of machines has not only demonstrated its feasibility but has also proved very successful. To put it in a nutshell, the coronavirus pandemic has boosted digitalisation, anchoring digital tools more deeply and faster in the organisation.

Of course, nothing can replace direct personal contact to customers and colleagues. However, the pandemic has shown that it may be worth considering whether online meetings – in some cases – are perhaps a better option and whether video conferences can replace real-world events more often than before and hence contribute to the protection of the environment. 

Website relaunch

Fresh design and tidied up contents are the first things that should immediately catch your eye when you visit the new IMA Schelling Group website. The old websites with the product worlds and services of the two companies of the Group are now merged into one new website, which will be launched at the end of the year. The objective of the new internet site is to help users find what they want quickly and easily – whether that be product information, service contact or job advertisement. 

On the IMA Schelling homepage, the user encounters the four business units i.e. “Consulting”, “Precision”, “Board” and “Woodworking”. In addition to general product information, these options provide insight into real-world applications installed at customers, into the service world of the IMA Schelling Group as well as into holistic software and digitalisation solutions. Also the career sector with job advertisements of all company sites can be accessed fast and easily via the homepage. Here visitors will learn more about IMA Schelling's company philosophy.

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IMA Schelling Group patent

Pairwise panel return in circular edge processing cells increases plant efficiency

The return conveyor system in a circular edge processing cell is always dimensioned so that it can carry the broadest part. However, the great majority of the processed parts are significantly narrower. Hence, the available width is not fully utilized – particularly when the parts are carried longitudinally along the conveyor system. The IMA Schelling Group has corrected this shortcoming with an invention that was patented in 2013 already: narrow panels are combined into pairs and sorted according to their processing sequence before they enter the circular edge processing cell. This increases production capacity and reduces takt times, simultaneously decreasing both the number of movements and the mechanical stress applied to the handling equipment – specifically that of the gantry systems. More than ten workcells of this type have been installed so far. Further versions of these manufacturing cells are currently being planned and will be delivered in the coming months.



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