Precision makes the difference

With the “Precision” business unit, the IMA Schelling Group is bundling its competencies in the area of metals, plastics and construction materials as well as electronics.

The fusion of the two companies IMA Klessmann and Schelling Anlagenbau to form the IMA Schelling Group and the synergies resulting from the merger made it necessary to restructure the business units of the company. In order to expand its businesses capabilities and to optimally market its products, the Group established four business units: 

  • Board – board materials processing
  • Consulting – development and implementation of production strategies for your furniture production (cf. Solution Magazine 2/2019)
  • Precision – panel cutting and handling solutions for the special materials sector
  • Woodworking –  woodworking technologies

Business sector with a long tradition

The “IMA Schelling Precision” business unit is a business sector, established for decades, of today's IMA Schelling Austria GmbH (formerly known as Schelling). The first “Precision” product was an aluminium saw developed by Schelling in the 70s. Since then the portfolio for panel cutting solutions in the fields of metals, electronics, plastics and construction materials grew steadily and today comprises fully-automatic panel saws and manual precision saws as well as solutions for panel storage, feeding, stacking, packing and chip and dust extraction. In addition to non ferrous metals and steel, the IMA Schelling machines can also process plastics, printed circuit boards, woodless construction materials and composite special materials.

Great demands on performance, precision, reliability and service

The customers of 'IMA Schelling Precision' mainly come from the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as from the aircraft construction industry in Germany, the USA, Italy, France, Switzerland and Great Britain – international customers like ThyssenKrupp Aerospace with 40 service centres in 20 countries rank among the key accounts. These industries use IMA Schelling machines to produce cut-to-size parts requiring accuracies within +/- 0.05 mm. This means that the demands placed on the accuracy of these non-wood cut-to-size parts and hence also on the panel cutting solutions are significantly greater than those placed on wood, which is a relatively cheap material where speed is important. As a result of these requirements, the “Precision” business unit has evolved to become the technology leader in the relevant industries and is now providing solutions which are unequalled in terms of serviceable life, quality and precision.

But not only the technologies offered by 'IMA Schelling Precision’ represent high-end quality. Also the service department with its highly qualified and experienced staff guarantees impressive repair and maintenance services. “Good and in particular fast service is essential to earning respect and loyalty from our customers”, says Markus Freuis, manager of IMA Schelling's “Precision“ business unit. Customers today have high expectations, but that's exactly what the company appreciates. “The greater the challenges set by our customers, the more our product development will profit from it. In this way, not only new ideas and products but also close and fruitful partnerships are created.”

Strategy for continuous growth

Today, the 'IMA Schelling Precision' business unit comprises 11 employees including BU manager Markus Freuis. – with rising tendency. In fact, the handling equipment field is expected to grow over the medium term. “Our customers benefit from the clear-cut separation of the IMA Schelling business units”, says Markus Freuis. “The unambiguous assignment of all tasks to business units enables us to focus on the requirements of our customers and expand our capabilities in the sector by setting clear objectives.” According to Freuis, this expansion has a clearly stated objective: to develop flexible customer-specific solutions based on fully automated, powerful and intelligent machines and to offer excellent service worldwide. “We guarantee our customers a reliable partnership over many years and efficient production now and in the future”, says Freuis.


New structures and positions



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