#edgeisdigital or the digitalization of the edging tape

With automated processes and digitized edging tapes IMA Schelling and REHAU stand up for the relation of smart factory in furniture

The goal is clear: the woodworking smart factory of the future will use fully networked systems designed to allow the manufacturers of furniture, machinery, panels and edging tapes to automate purchase orders, warehousing and machine setup. This will require unique identification of all materials and supply of digital data which can be accessed by all involved parties.

The edging tape manufacturer REHAU has already implemented crucial steps to achieve this goal. With the “#edgeisdigital” service for digitizing the edging tape, the company is offering the possibility of supplying edging tape data via bar code, QR code or RFID. In this process, the user can access reference information and actual values either as on-tag data or cloud data. The benefits of edging tape digitization are less manual work, automatic stock updating, unique identification, perfect materials scheduling and increased availability of machines. This allows for uninterrupted traceability from the storage system to the processing machine and then to the downstream processing equipment.

The automation of this processes and the digitalisation of the edge are already well Advanced at IMA Schelling. “Our machines are already able to master the digital edging tape process. Now it's up to the customer. In many cases, there is lack of infrastructure for enabling #edgeisdigital to run in a production environment and hence for bringing the smart factory into reality," says Stefan Rische, Department Manager of Software and PLC Development at IMA Schelling.

„The time has come to integrate the digital edging tape technology into daily production. That means more process secruity and stability“

Dr. Uwe Krämer, technics surfers manager, REHAU

Three variations of #edgeisdigital

The base version comprises data such as material, width, thickness, colour and design information stored in a barcode. In the premium version, a QR code also includes master ID, material number and colour as well as reel length, required laser energy and protective foil. Users who want to reduce manual work even further can utilize the excellence #edgeisdigital version. It provides a unique ID for each tape reel, the actual width and thickness of each edging tape as well as the production date and the order numbers from REHAU and from the customer and the REHAU Operator.

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