All machines in one app

IMA Schelling will use an augmented reality app to present its machines and work cells at fairs and in sales talks.

IMA Schelling has applied digital solutions for the presentation of its products for quite some time already. The latest technology trend in this field is Augmented Reality (AR). An installed app on the employee tablet allows him or her to place rendered 3D models of the IMA Schelling workcell elements in real space, either in original size or in reduced size, and to view them from any angle. AR also allows them detailed views of individual machine elements or units as well as requests for technical information with a simple click.



The blurring of the line between digital and physical worlds, e.g. between the virtual view of a machine or work cell and the real environment, will enable IMA Schelling at fairs or at customer sites to present the entire portfolio of the Group together with all its combination possibilities and to compile work cell models depending on the requirements. Since all elements allow animation, it is possible to show material flows and production sequences in a clear and understandable way.


With the help of the AR App machines and plant components by IMA Schelling will be presented at trade fairs or in discussions with customers in a completely new way. That means, the entire product range of the group can be presented comprehensively and individually adapted to the customer.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is a computer-aided technology that enhances our perception of the real world. The concept of Augmented Reality implies that it overlays reality with virtual content, i.e. it mixes in computer-generated information with real-time videos or images or it shows virtual objects in pictures of real-world environments.

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