100.000 new "emplyees" at IMA Schelling

A total of three bee colonies will find a new home in Lübbecke and Schwarzach

IMA Schelling wants to slow down the mass death of bees and contribute as a company to the protection of the environment and ecosystems also in this field. Therefore, starting with spring 2020, a total of approximately 100,000 busy bees will find a new home on the company premises in Lübbecke und Schwarzach in order to pollinate flowers, trees and useful plants in the surroundings of the two company sites.

For the management of the honey bee colonies, IMA Schelling is cooperating with BEE-RENT. The organisation has committed itself to the conservation of bees and rents out bee colonies to private persons, associations and companies. In this process, BEE-RENT is responsible for giving care to the bees with the aim of ensuring optimal maintenance of the bee colonies as well as health and welfare of the bees.

The employees of the IMA Schelling Group can participate in the care and follow-up appointments with the beekeepers and in doing so learn a lot about bees and environment. And customers will also profit from this: the honey harvested in autumn will be given as a small gift bringing pleasure and indulgence.

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Why we need bees so much

Since bees contribute to pollination and hence increase harvest yields of useful plants, they rank amongst the most important useful animals – at the same level as cows and pigs. However, unfortunately, bee populations are declining all over the world. In Europe alone, every fifth colony did not survive winter because the bees find hardly any food due to monocultures, parasites, diseases and crop protection products. At the same time, these factors compromise their immune systems.

Optimally equipped for the requirements of the market

This summer, IMA Schelling will expand its production facilities in Schwarzach with the commissioning of an ultra modern CNC travelling column machining centre for milling and boring operations, the SORALUCE FLP 16000. The investment will continue to ensure complete in-house production of high-quality machine elements. Moreover the new CNC machine, which will replace an approx. 20 years old SORALUCE FS 16000, will increase flexibility, efficiency and failsafe operation. Another advantage: The machine upgrade will only require the replacement of the travelling column and control system. The existing foundation and clamping plate field can be further used.

Lübbecke | central warehouse optimizes processes

More transparency, optimized organisation and higher productivity – these are the objectives of the new central warehouse at the German site of the IMA Schelling Group which will start operating from August 2020 onwards. The increase in efficiency will give benefit to the customers of the Group amongst other things through higher availability of spare parts and components for production, reduced machine delivery times and faster spare parts dispatch.

All production materials, which used to be stored decentrally at small storage facilities in the factory, will be stored centrally in the new warehouse system. At the same time, IMA Schelling will bundle the goods receipt process in the central warehouse with comprehensive quality inspection to optimize quality control.

A separate order picking and dispatch line for the spare parts service will speed up order processing and parts dispatch since they will be isolated from everyday business. A tugger train is going to ensure that all production areas are efficiently supplied with the required components, hence allowing for an optimal and efficient logistics process in the production environment. 

The space needed for the new warehouse was created by the demolition of production halls and office rooms in need of refurbishment. The CNC and drilling procution areas located there had been integrated into existing production areas already in Summer 2019.

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