In Germany and Austria, the IMA Schelling Group offers 15 futureoriented technical and commercial apprenticeships and moreover trains tomorrow‘s specialist in four practiceintegrated courses of study.

IMA Schelling machines are considered to rank at the top of their industry. The secret behind it is extremely great technical know-how and skills which have been developed inside the company – and which shall be enhanced and passed on to others. For this reason, IMA Schelling trains its junior staff on its own. This preserves existing expertise and produces a young generation of employees who will guarantee tomorrow‘ s success of IMA Schelling.

An apprenticeship at IMA Schelling means being part of the team right from the start and remaining so after successful completion of the apprenticeship. After the apprenticeship is over, the apprentice has the contractual right to continue working for the company, which lays the basis for lasting loyalty to the employer. The best example of this is today’s managing director of the IMA Schelling branch in England who began his career working as an apprentice in Austria.

Young people who enjoy technology are trained in the technical, commercial and IT fields. Read more at career/training/ (for Germany) and (for austria).

We asked our trainees

Lara Pachernegg

electrical engineer for for plant and operating technology 1st year of apprenticeship IMA Schelling Austria

I took notice of the company during our information day at school.

It fascinates me to see how the entire workcell can operate only with a control cabinet.

Yes, I would recommend IMA Schelling because you practically work for the company from the 1st day of apprenticeship. All are friendly to each other, and you learn right from the start.

My most exciting and best experience was the moment I was allowed to work in the electrical workshop. The spirit at work is superb, and there is a very good relationship between colleagues. The joy in working is the central aspect, and the balance between fun and work is at equilibrium. I made very interesting experiences. 

Akanay Köse

Cutting machine operator 1st year of apprenticeship IMA Schelling Austria

Unfortunately I was not able to participate in the class trip to IMA Schelling because I was ill. My school friends then reported very positive experiences in the company, which has aroused my interest. My uncle who also works for the company has reinforced my idea to apply for a traineeship.  

I am mainly fascinated by the manufacturing process – that you can do so many different things with one piece of metal. I also very much like using the machine.

Definitely! I think we have a good spirit here in the company. Everybody says hello with a smile. I find this very encouraging because laughter is infectious. 
The trainers are both competent and social-minded, and take pains to support every apprentice or trainee. Moreover there are many possibilities of further education at IMA Schelling. 

In the factory, it was something special to me when I was allowed to operate a machine for the first time and when I completed my first workpiece. Outside the company, it was our excursion to a bike park followed by a hiking tour.

Timo Lohmeyer

practice-integrated student of business studies 1st year of apprenticeship IMA Schelling Deutschland

IMA Schelling attracted my attention very early, because also my father as well as some friends and acquaintances work here; they often talked about their work – which has impressed me. Then, after the “IMAgination Day”, I got the occasion for taking part in a practice day, and after that it didn't take long until I applied for an apprenticeship at IMA Schelling.

I always learn things in my study or at work that are useful for everyday situations. At IMA Schelling, you take responsibility at an early stage and you can work autonomously. At work and in my study, I also get to know many new people and friends, which I find fantastic.

For me, block teaching is very comfortable, so that I can concentrate fully on study or work. The job will never get monotonous since each theory phase is followed by work in a new department. People are very friendly here: If you have a problem or you not know how to continue, you can also ask the helpful superiors. There are numerous possibilities of further education during your apprenticeship. Furthermore, IMA Schelling has convenient working hours and really good apprenticeships salaries.

My best experience at IMA Schelling so far has been the participation in the “Long Night of Apprenticeship”. I got the possibility of presenting my profession so that I felt like being a part of the company.

Pascal Wellpott  

Cutting machine operator 1st year of apprenticeship IMA Schelling Deutschland

I took notice of IMA Schelling due to recommendations from trainees at the “Long Night of Apprenticeship” and through talks with relatives who have jobs in metalworking industries.

Both the use of machines and the manufacturing of components of high dimensional accuracy are very fascinating.

Yes, because I have many possibilities to try myself out, and I was immediately integrated into the company, for example through programme offers such as such as team building.

Ann-Lien Hendler 

Electrical Technician for industrial engineering 2nd year of apprenticeship IMA Schelling Deutschland

I often came along this way. Then I informed myself about the company via the company's website.

It fascinates me to see how a large machine is step by step brought into operation, and that all components act together due to logical links.

IMA Schelling offers a good apprenticeship. In the company, you can get insights into different fields and hence find your own way for the future, in order to specialize in the desired field after the apprenticeship. The trainers support the trainees/apprentices in every situation.

It was fascinating for me to see, after some months, how the production line to which my work has contributed now processes, transports and stores panels.

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